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Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 52 - Joe Davis (Fox Sports)
March 25, 2020 02:52 PM PDT
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0:21: Podcast Introduction
5:30: Introduction with Joe Davis
6:35: How he's stayed busy throughout quarantine/stay-at-home in CA
8:47: Favorite spots around the country to find the best smoked meat in America
10:04: First interest in broadcasting and how he started calling his first games
11:05: The first broadcasters he emulated early on
15:13: Getting letters/DMs asking for broadcast advice after he did it when he was a kid
17:00: His college football days - was he good with the media as an athlete?
18:25: His time in Montgomery, taking every broadcast and gig that he possibly could during that time
22:20: What was his first "Welcome to the Big Leagues, kid" type of moment?
23:30: Reflecting on taking over for Vin Scully after getting the Dodgers job
24:41: The unbelievable advice Vin Scully passed along, and who he got that same advice from
26:23: Does he miss play-by-play on radio?
27:24: How he envisions the baseball season going post Corona Virus
30:00: How will the Astros scandal discussion likely unfold once the season begins?
32:57: How he'd like to see baseball improve/connect with younger fans
34:30: If he's had conversations on potentially adapting to betting information/more advanced stats into the broadcast
36:15: RAPID-FIRE!

AA Episode 51-Dianna Russini
February 07, 2020 07:15 AM PST
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2:45 - Intro
3:50 - Her start at ESPN, struggles on SportsCenter and how it changed her career
7:00 - How management was committed to helping coach her up and improve
8:55 - Her parents and how their tough love was instrumental early on
12:20 - On being an open book and living her life on-air
15:40 - If her producers have been receptive to her looking for more fun in the shows she's a part of
17:19 - On her famous impression of her mother and how she owes Stugotz the credit for it
20:00 - Her transition from DC to ESPN + why ESPN has found so much on-air talent in DC
24:03 - Where her "newshound" instinct came from
26:05 - If there's a lack of representation for women in sports media
29:50 - On the networking side of the business, and develop sources
33:15 - Has she found any insiders or newsbreakers that have found a work/life balance + how she met Woj
35:40 - Does she have a preference between being a host or being the analyst/insider
37:50 - On a type of show she'd love to pitch/be on - The NFL version of "The Jump"
40:25 - What is she most excited about for viewers to learn about the XFL
42:55 - Her recent interview with Olive

Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 50 - Chris Fowler
January 10, 2020 12:02 PM PST
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3:00 - Why he loves creating a bunch of new content on Instagram/Why it's more positive than Twitter
4:30 - Finding a good balance between talking sports vs life on social media
6:05 - Was leaving Gameday emotional for you?
8:41 - Does he still watch the show?
10:02 - His first interest in college football living in State College
12:08 - Early influences in the broadcast world
14:29 - His father being a Theater Professor and if there's any influence in getting him started in sportscasting/speaking
17:00 - On finding ways to stand out when newer generations are growing up comfortable in front of a camera
18:58 - Starting at ESPN just a few years out of college
22:02 - Does he ever think of the "what if?" Including a decision for him at ESPN that would've taken him away from the Gameday opportunity
25:30 - On the decision to move from Gameday to more play-by-play coverage, specifically the Saturday night game of the week
27:05 - What stands out the most in the 25+ years of being a part of the show
32:53 - On his time broadcasting tennis and how long it took him to get comfortable doing play-by-play for it
36:58 - Previewing the National Championship / Megacast talk

AA Podcast Episode 49 - Todd Fuhrman of "Lock it In" & "Bet the Board"
December 12, 2019 10:30 AM PST

3:30 - On him being "Most Likely to Be a Bookie" for his high school yearbook superlative/first interest in sports wagering
6:04 - On choosing the career of an oddsmaker and whether he ever wanted to be a professional better
8:40 - First eye opening experience of working in and for a sportsbook
10:38 - What happens when a sportsbook has a bad day
11:57 - Does he remember the first bet he ever placed in Las Vegas?
12:50 - When he wanted to get out of oddsmaking and into content creation & media
15:33 - What were the conversations like surrounding sports betting in media 10 years ago vs now?
17:21 - How he met Payne, started the "Bet the Board" Podcast and what their ultimate goal is
19:53 - How they can appeal to casual betters, new betters and experts
21:38 - His initial reaction to PASPA being overturned and what the snowball effect might look like
23:35 - The day to day notes of "Lock it In" and what the reaction has been thus far
26:36 - What does he think the biggest misconception in sports wagering
28:12 - How does he anticipate the leagues & media companies changing in-game sports wagering coverage (if its legalized across the country)
30:48 - A guide to terminology and rapid fire advice on wading into the sports betting world

Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 48 - Colleen Wolfe of NFL Network
November 21, 2019 08:41 AM PST
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On this week's edition of the podcast, host Ben Heisler was joined by NFL Network's Colleen Wolfe.

4:20 - Her love for rescuing animals, despite being allergic to them
6:00 - Her rescue pet story gone wrong
7:56 - Family dynamic as a kid in Philadelphia / were they all sports fans?
10:10 - Her mom is a hot take artist
11:22 - Going from a potential art major to communications
14:56 - Her start in radio at WIP in Philadelphia
18:21 - How radio allowed her to have many opportunities and have fun in sports
20:50 - Why she believes there's not more women in sports radio
24:10 - Tough conversations she had with producers/management
27:05 - Being a "one-person band" in TV and doing everything on the fly
29:30 - How she was super close to quitting TV before the NFL Network gig came along
34:15 - When did she finally feel comfortable in her role at NFL Network?
39:00 - An inside look into the postgame show from the crazy ending to Browns/Steelers (the Myles Garrett incident)
47:15 - Stories from the travels with the Thursday Night crew of Michael Irvin, Steve Smith & Joe Thomas

Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 47 - Candace Parker
October 23, 2019 12:35 PM PDT
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2:08 - Her dominant High School championship performance against Ben's HS team
3:05 - Where her love of basketball first began
4:50 - How her and her dad were part of the "positionless basketball movement" early on in her life
6:00 - On all the challenging coaches that impacted her life/career
7:10 - Toughest player/competitor on the court she's ever faced
9:18 - Could the NBA learn or grow from anything the WNBA has been doing (or vice versa)
12:55 - Could she see herself running an organization or coaching after her playing career is over?
14:11 - On how she was approached by Turner to be an analyst
15:29 - Early influences in her media career and who helped her along the way
16:20 - Her new podcast with Kristen Ledlow
17:48 - Does she feel a connection to Zion Williamson as two highly touted prospects coming into college/pros
19:40 - Which team does she always have to tune in to watch?
21:05 - Any potential surprise teams this year?
22:55 - Any chance the Bulls could be a playoff team this year/Zach LaVine primed for a huge year

Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 46 - Greg Amsinger of MLB Network
September 25, 2019 11:30 AM PDT
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2:20 - On his 11 years at MLB Network
3:00 - What changed in his life early on that made him want to pursue this as a career
4:40 - Growing up with seven siblings
6:30 - How acting class were monumental for his career growth
8:10 - Why he needs to be reactive to be successful and how that's different than "not preparing"
12:00 - When he knew he could be more reactionary and not relying on notes/scripts etc
14:30 - On handling Producers not liking that he shares his opinions and not just "tees up analysts"
15:40 - Did he ever want to do radio or be a talk show host?
17:00 - His love for radio
17:50 - On working with Adam Zucker, Michelle Beadle & Kathryn Tappen back in the day at CSTV
19:20 - His relationship with the other analysts at MLB Network, notably Harold Reynolds
21:20 - What would he like to do that he hasn't done at the network yet?
23:00 - Why people continue to fight the changes and adaptations that baseball is looking to make
27:00 - "Dead Brain Heavers"
29:45 - Would MLB consider changing where and how they hold the MLB Draft?
33:00 - Mike Shannon stories
35:00 - How does he avoid/stay off social media with his job?

AA NFL Opening Weekend Roundtable + Mike Pereira
September 05, 2019 02:09 PM PDT
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2:00 - Thoughts on the updated ESPN MNF Booth
6:20 - Are we likely to see more "hot take" style analysts on broadcasts in an "embrace debate" society?
8:40 - Tony Romo entering Year 3... is he likely to take more criticism after these last few years?
11:10 - Would they be interested in moving some analysts around to different pairings to try and make it a little fresh in the booth?
12:05 - How much longer is Dick Stockton going to hang around at FOX
13:30 - FOX's new College Football Pregame Show and its new time
18:50 - What role will FS1 play in all this?
20:40 - Favorite/under-the-radar pairings that more people should know about?
23:45 - CFB 150 and the impact it will have on this season

27:30 - Helping couples fill out a prenup agreement ahead of football season
29:20 - Does he remember the first game he ever officiated?
31:02 - What was his first "Welcome to the NFL" moment?
32:15 - 10 seasons at FOX, what did he think the position would be and how has it evolved?
35:00 - His perspective on the new pass interference review rules
37:20 - What does a typical week look like for an NFL referee: from the moment the game ends to when the next game begins
39:21 - Which former (or current) NFL referee would he most enjoy having a few drinks and grabbing some wings with?

Awful Announcing Podcast: Jason Benetti
September 03, 2019 12:16 PM PDT

4:30 - Calling an Electrician Championship on ESPN 8 the Ocho this year
7:20 - When he learned that broadcasts could and should be fun
9:28 - Where did his love of sports first come from?
10:20 - How growing up in Chicago in the Michael Jordan era helped make sports part of the every day conversation
12:15 - The value of doing radio early in his life (high school)
13:20 - The impact of early feedback
14:10 - How he responded to the competitive atmosphere and nature at Syracuse
16:10 - Does he regret setting the tone for much of the competitive, aggressive environment
18:42 - What did he want to do when he left college
20:50 - On learning to do TV and deal with the challenges of it for the first time late in his career
25:00 - Did he ever want to be a radio talk show host
28:50 - On the possibility he could return home to the White Sox for his dream job
33:31 - Early broadcaster influences
39:10 - On the pace of baseball & college football and what can be done to fix it (if anything at all)
42:10 - Why do people and viewers get upset when changes happen in baseball?
45:51 - On being a part of the Statcast broadcast and going through trying to make it interesting and unique to traditional baseball viewers
49:45 - His "celebrity" weekend in Anaheim with Bill Walton, Mike Schur, and Mike O'Brien
55:00 - Pizza in a bag and fun times in New York
56:45 - His work and videos for the Cerebral Palsy Foundation

Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 43 - Matthew Berry
August 12, 2019 08:30 AM PDT
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4:48 - The challenges and exciting things that come with putting out a 28 hour fantasy football marathon
5:33 - Keeping content fresh vs allowing newcomers to get the core information they need
7:53 - How he's done all 28 hours the last three years
9:30 - What does he remember about the first fantasy team/league he was in?
12:20 - When did his first break come when he was working in show business in LA?
17:42 - The fleeting nature of the TV/movie industry - How unhappy he was late in his show business career
21:30 - When the moment came to him that he wanted to leave show business
26:00 - Why people have a hard time leaving an industry they think they're supposed to be in...
27:00 - Did he have any idea the "fantasy sports revolution" was coming?
31:00 - What ultimately led him to ESPN after starting his own websites and developing a major following
32:30 - The transition from writing to more on-air work and if there were difficulties that came with it
36:00 - Learning the mechanics of TV and finding a dynamic that works
37:50 - How his research process has changed throughout the years
43:20 - How often does gambling/Vegas play a role in his fantasy research
44:17 - Is he a daily fantasy fan as well as the new spinoffs of traditional fantasy football etc...
47:40 - Stories of when he's given great or terrible fantasy advice to high profile celebrities

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