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Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 43 - Matthew Berry
August 12, 2019 08:30 AM PDT
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4:48 - The challenges and exciting things that come with putting out a 28 hour fantasy football marathon
5:33 - Keeping content fresh vs allowing newcomers to get the core information they need
7:53 - How he's done all 28 hours the last three years
9:30 - What does he remember about the first fantasy team/league he was in?
12:20 - When did his first break come when he was working in show business in LA?
17:42 - The fleeting nature of the TV/movie industry - How unhappy he was late in his show business career
21:30 - When the moment came to him that he wanted to leave show business
26:00 - Why people have a hard time leaving an industry they think they're supposed to be in...
27:00 - Did he have any idea the "fantasy sports revolution" was coming?
31:00 - What ultimately led him to ESPN after starting his own websites and developing a major following
32:30 - The transition from writing to more on-air work and if there were difficulties that came with it
36:00 - Learning the mechanics of TV and finding a dynamic that works
37:50 - How his research process has changed throughout the years
43:20 - How often does gambling/Vegas play a role in his fantasy research
44:17 - Is he a daily fantasy fan as well as the new spinoffs of traditional fantasy football etc...
47:40 - Stories of when he's given great or terrible fantasy advice to high profile celebrities

Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 42 - Mina Kimes
August 05, 2019 09:17 AM PDT
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4:20 - Is her next opportunity to be a Head Coach in the NFL now that she's working with Sean McVay
5:35 - How the idea of being a booth analyst didn't really occur to her and how that changed
6:50 - Who were/are NFL analysts & color commentators she's enjoyed viewing/listening to
8:30 - The best way to incorporate more and new information into broadcasts
10:34 - When she knew she first wanted to become a writer
11:15 - Was the transition from the business world of journalism into sports an intimidating one
12:09 - Who helped in the initial transition? Who was in her corner from the beginning
13:05 - Was there a concern that transitioning into sports would ruin her ability to be a fan
14:35 - Balancing the joy of football with the on and off the field issues the sport provides
16:35 - Would football consider a more transparent approach when it comes to injuries/health issues
17:25 - Her takeaways from her profiles of Aaron Rodgers and Baker Mayfield - represent different times of players
19:20 - Do we expect the QB position and personality of that position change in this new generation
20:24 - How she came up with the voice for her dog Lenny on her podcast
21:40 - What's something about the Miami Clevelander studios we wouldn't expect
22:15 - Her viral reaction to Shohei Ohtani signing with the Mariners
23:20 - Her strangest etch-a-sketch
24:00 - Fan of The Bachelorette finale?
25:02 - Any other impressions besides "DMX"
25:35 - Is Pablo Torre as good of a karaoke singer as he claims to be?
26:10 - Who is a non-obvious Super Bowl contender for 2019

AA Podcast Episode 41 - Mike Florio
July 29, 2019 07:29 AM PDT
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2:53 - How he became a Vikings fan growing up in Steelers country
6:40 - Growing up in Wheeling, West Virginia and the impact WTBS had on him as a sports fan
8:50 - When did he take to the NFL away from baseball?
10:11 - How he "stumbled" into his first NFL writing job
13:16 - Did he have ownership stake in the first NFL company he worked for? And how did that lead to a quick stop at ESPN?
14:35 - How his legal degree and career in law has been essential in his work
17:10 - What he considers his most important or memorable work in 18+ years of running Pro Football Talk
19:30 - How does ownership/partnership work with NBC/NBC Sports
20:31 - What would entice him to go out on his own and move away from NBC
21:20 - Al Michaels' career + Can he confirm that he's never eaten a vegetable?
22:52 - Is there a great future NFL analyst none of us are talking about yet?
24:00 - What does he look for in a good in-game analyst
26:20 - What would it take for the NFL and Players to avoid a labor dispute in 2021
28:05 - Are NFL owners actually seriously considering an 18 game schedule with players sitting out two games?
29:40 - Would the NFL/Roger Goodell ever consider transparency when it comes to dealing with player safety information
33:21 - Who's the white whale of guests for PFT Live / Who would he most like to talk to?

AA Podcast Episode 40 - Jay Bilas
June 26, 2019 04:51 PM PDT
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4:42 - His basketball camp wrapping up and if they've had to change their approach with how basketball has changed
7:40 - When did he first start to play and then grow to love basketball?
9:55 - Did basketball ever come easy to him?
11:20 - Life as a Duke player vs life as a Duke Coach (both under Coach K)
14:00 - What was Jay Bilas outside of basketball like?
16:45 - Did he think he'd be a full-time coach and pursue it as a career once he started in 1990?
18:42 - Was there any anxiety in becoming a basketball analyst? (Two-part answer)
21:28 - If there was a moment where he finally felt comfortable knowing he could be good at this job
24:10 - Understanding how to be a good analyst for television - perception of his role as an analyst/commentator
28:00 - On the realization of "you can't please everybody" and having fun with social media trolls
29:15 - Reminiscing over the 2015 Elite 8 broadcast between Arizona and Illinois
33:30 - When did the Young Jeezy daily lyric tweets start to become really popular?
35:35 - The impact of the California bill that would allow college athletes to be compensated for their own name/image/likeness and the NCAA's fight against it
39:14 - Will there ever be a time where the NCAA stops this fight and hypocrisy against student athletes?
45:24 - Would he like to see the "draft process" go away, since it doesn't allow rookies to decide where they'd like to play?
45:43 - Prouder moment: 94 feet with his son, or his son being featured on "Bad Beats" with SVP?

Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 39 - Sarah Spain
May 16, 2019 01:28 PM PDT
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4:34 - Her co-host Jason Fitz's inability to pay up on bets
5:40 - The origin of how she became "The Commish"
9:10 - Has there been a scenario where she hasn't been able to solve someone's dilemma?
11:20 - Her time growing with the Le Batard Show
14:03 - What kind of kid was Sarah Spain?
15:56 - Learning to balance so many things all in one day and how it translates to her current career
18:05 - Was being a star HS/College athlete a part of her career path / what her ultimate goal ended up being
21:30 - Her time in Second City learning comedy and improv
24:38 - Does she feel like she was one of the first sportscasters that had to learn how to do everything to break in?
27:30 - The one fear she still has after all these years as an on-air personality and how to combat it
30:40 - Impact of power through association & improvement of women representation in sports media
33:40 - Early and current influences in the industry
36:12 - How Jemele Hill made a huge difference in her life
38:45 - How do we get the hiring practices to change?
42:44 - First working with Jason Fitz and how to get into rhythm with a show where nobody is in the same place
48:00 - The More Than Mean Video - Balancing the joy of winning a Peabody vs the difficulty of replaying awful things said to them
51:03 - Her charitable work and how it turned into everyone on Twitter sending in awkward teenage pictures of themselves

Awful Announcing Podcast Episode #38 - Kristen Ledlow
April 12, 2019 12:01 PM PDT
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- 3:43: The insanity of Tuesday night (Magic stepping down, Dirk & D-Wade's last home game)
- 4:30 - Her interactions with Wade & Dirk over the last several years
- 6:48: Her first interests in playing basketball and playing it competitively for many years
- 8:20: Did she anticipate trying to play sports professionally? Or was broadcasting always something she was interested in?
- 10:39: Early influences growing up in an era where there were more female sportscasting role models
- 13:00: Why she likes to mentor young women in broadcasting and sportscasting
- 14:50 - Her growth as a broadcaster and when she started to feel comfortable with her own voice and style
- 16:55 - Does she miss being a radio personality at all?
- 17:53 - Getting the call from Turner to revive and host Inside Stuff
- 22:03 - Having rare opportunities to reflect on her accomplishments
- 23:56 - Her friendship with Grant Hill and his influence in helping her make relationships with players/coaches in the NBA
- 27:54 - What it's like to interview Gregg Popovich on the sidelines? Is it as intimidating as it looks?
- 30:33 - Who's the most surprising interview in the NBA?
- 34:00 - Previewing the Eastern Conference Playoff race
- 36:45 - Who would be her pick for the next Space Jam Monstars
- 38:30 - Stories from the NBA on TNT crew going on Family Feud

Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 36 - Hank Azaria
April 01, 2019 02:57 PM PDT
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5:00 - Does he have any optimism for this upcoming Mets season?
8:50 - Was Brockmire created as an homage to the older, more personality driven baseball broadcaster?
10:50 - On his show connecting with younger audiences and millennials despite baseball's issues relating to younger fans
12:10 - On Jim Brockmire starting off Season 3 sober
13:50 - On adding Bob Costas, JK Simmons, Tawny Newsome, Richard Kind amongst others to the mix
14:30 - On Costas and Joe Buck and Brent Musburger really showing a ton of personality on the show
16:40 - How much of the show is improvisation vs entirely by script?
18:05 - The complete and total trust he has for Joel Church Cooper (head writer/creator)
19:10 - How long does it take for him to work on a voice to have total control of that voice
20:45 - The impact of 31 years of the Simpsons
21:50 - The origin of Moe from The Simpsons and the connection he has to Al Pacino
22:43 - Has he lever lost a character voice and if so, how would he try to regain it
23:55 - Where the voices come from; are they based off friends, celebrities etc.
25:05 - Has anyone done voices you do in front of you?
26:10 - How he views voice impressions compared to impression comedians
28:00 - Story of how he would call Hollywood restaurants to get tables as Mickey Rourke and Sly Stallone
30:40 - Any other voices we aren't aware of?
32:20 - His work and volunteering with helping Miami Jewish Health Systems

AA Podcast Episode 36 - Ian Eagle
March 27, 2019 10:13 AM PDT
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Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 35 - Clark Kellogg
March 18, 2019 10:10 AM PDT
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4:45 - Why the NCAA Tournament is universal for all sports fans, both casual and hardcore
5:42 - His 25-year run at CBS and what's make it work and last
7:07 - His love of the game and if there was ever a moment that basketball wasn't the route for him
8:35 - His insane high school championship game performance and what it's liked to be locked in on a basketball court
10:28 - His time playing at Ohio State and how he's watched the game evolve working in basketball over the last 35-40 years
14:47 - His perspective on Zion Williamson and if there is a reasonable comparison for him
17:40 - Which games from previous NCAA Tournaments most stand out to him during his time at CBS
20:55 - Are there any teams that could have a Loyola-Chicago type of run in 2019?
23:30 - Would he like to see the Selection Committee put more of an emphasis on high quality mid-major programs over bigger schools?
26:00 - Who are the college broadcasters he gets the most hyped up listening to call a game?

AA Podcast Episode 34 - ESPN's Sports Betting Analyst Doug Kezirian (presented by BetDSI)
March 06, 2019 09:57 AM PST
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4:20 - On getting the show together and the rehearsals taking place this week
5:50 - On the show feeling natural for everyone because sports betting is a passion of theirs
7:50 - When he sensed sports betting was starting to become less taboo
10:20 - Do they discuss how they'll try to market the show to all types and generations of sports fans
14:00 - His time working in Vegas and how it helped shape his worldview of sports wagering
15:20 - Why he feels baseball sets up best for the integration of wagering & live betting
20:00 - What his typical day looks like and what trends is he looking for to wager on a game
24:20 - Any futures bets he likes ahead of the NCAA Tournament, MLB season & The Masters

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