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AA Podcast Episode 33 - FOX Sports' Shannon Spake
February 12, 2019 11:28 AM PST
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4:05 - Her love for the Howard Stern show
7:40 - Was being on the Stern "Wrap Up" show her most exciting moment as an interviewee
8:45 - Growing up with scoliosis and back surgery to now training for Iron Mans and running marathons
13:20 - Connecting with athletes due to their shared experiences
14:45 - When she went "all in" in broadcasting
18:50 - On sacrificing time with family for the job, and her kids being super excited about her role in Cars 3
20:00 - What was the first NASCAR event she ever attended, even before covering it professionally
22:10 - Who were early influences or helpful coworkers in the industry covering NASCAR
24:20 - What does she see as the biggest storylines throughout Daytona 500 week?
26:50 - Their brand new studio and is it difficult to not make the studio the new "star of the show?"
29:03 - Will FOX mention or reference sports wagering or gambling ahead of their coverage
31:00 - Predictions for the race

AA Podcast Episode 32 - Super Bowl Coverage Roundtable
February 05, 2019 10:48 AM PST
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3:38: Ratings aside, should CBS feel good about what was in control of their broadcast?
7:11: On the wild live TV moment of the postgame scrum with Tracy Wolfson & Tom Brady
9:50: Has Jim Nantz changed for the better as a result of working alongside Tony Romo?
11:38 - How CBS should feel about the ratings, both on the TV side and on the digital side
14:22 - Should the digital numbers matter more to networks? Would the discussion be different if it were simply a good game?
16:10 - Did it feel like there wasn't a lot of juice leading up to the Super Bowl?
19:53 - What would have been the most ideal matchup for BOTH the NFL and the fans
20:30 - The Barstool vs NFL feud
24:20 - What should we be looking forward to most in sports media in February?

ESPN Broadcaster Bob Wischusen
January 23, 2019 07:34 AM PST
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3:05 - Life on the road
6:30 - Why calling College Football trains you to be ready for any sportscasting opportunity
10:07 - What he considers the most difficult sport to do play-by-play for, and why you might be surprised by his answer
16:20 - Feeling comfortable as a broadcaster and early influences
21:00 - How he seeks out feedback on his broadcasts
24:25 - Going to Boston College, calling games and doing shows with Joe Tessatore and Boog Sciambi/Wanting to compete against them because of how talented they are
28:15 - Does he ever wish he would've stayed with talk radio and would he like to have his own full-time show down the road?
31:40 - How his gravitation to the talk radio side usually stems from moments when he's watching games
35:20 - Is there different preparation for the different analysts he works with (eg. Dick Vitale vs Fran Fraschilla)
37:40 - How he tanked his audition for the XFL
41:07 - His love for Phish and the first time he ever saw them live

AA episode 30- Jeff Passan
January 16, 2019 07:33 AM PST
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3:40 - Has he gotten settled at ESPN yet
4:22 - Biggest change from Yahoo to ESPN
6:40 - Is there added pressure in trying to be the Schefter/Woj of MLB
9:20 - His football analogy to what the switch has been like
10:40 - Who his early media/journalism influences were
14:50 - Does he feel like writers need to become specialized? Or can they cover and break news across all sports?
19:40 - Transformation from feature writing to breaking news
21:40 - His appreciation and admiration for Ken Rosenthal & Woj
24:20 - Why covering breaking news can lead you to become a far better writer
25:15 - Who he'll miss most working with at Yahoo/stories from his time there
27:45 - The time he thought him and Pat Forde were going to die covering the Olympics in Rio
30:20 - His thoughts on the Kyler Murray story and what the public perception will be if he maximizes his money
34:50 - The remaining top free agents still hanging around in MLB

AA Podcast: Episode 29 - Tony Reali
November 29, 2018 11:52 AM PST
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4:00 - His connection to Statin Island and his connection to the Impractical Jokers
6:00 - His move to New York several years ago, working at the new ESPN Seaport studios and the family connection it has for him
10:10 - Is it surreal since he joined ESPN 18+ years ago
14:40 - Early role models in the industry and trying to remain himself as a personality
19:45 - Does he feel like he gets enough feedback from his peers/bosses
22:50 - What does he remember about his first episode of hosting Around the Horn
26:40 - The moments throughout his career where he started to change and work through the uncomfortable to feel more himself
32:00 - The importance of authenticity in this business
35:40 - His struggles with mental health and anxiety and if it helped connecting and sharing those details with viewers/social media
42:50 - His goal to find more humanity in sports television and his connection and love

AA Podcast Episode 28: Bleacher Report's Adam Lefkoe
November 15, 2018 09:37 AM PST
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4:01 - The star panel he'll be a part of for "The Match" Tiger vs Phil
5:58 - Embracing the unknown and throwing out the rundown/staying in the moment
7:28 - Starting in local news and changing how content gets delivered over the last 10 years
10:13 - On making mistakes early and whether "going viral" is possible anymore
12:55 - How Awful Announcing played a role in his rise in the industry / the Seinfeldcast & Rapcast
19:00 - The feeling of watching his sportscasts go viral
20:50 - Any current/past influences on his work
23:35 - Describing what the Simms & Lefkoe show is
26:45 - Why hasn't the rest of the media focused on NFL personality driven content & why their show works because they're not in bed with the NFL
27:57 - How the origin and initial pitch of the show transformed over time
31:25 - On golf finally taking a risk and doing something genuinely cool with Tiger vs Phil
34:50 - The sports wagering rise in coverage of our favorite sports

AA Podcast episode 27 Allie LaForce
October 16, 2018 07:38 PM PDT

3:30 - How she plans to get Astros updates while working Thursday's game (her husband pitches for Houston)
5:10 - What led her to pursue basketball, both playing it in D1 and covering it professionally?
7:50 - Her family ties to modeling, competition and sports and the role they played in her life
9:30 - How being named Miss Teen Ohio made her grow up really quickly as a kid
11:33 - Who was the first interview that made her geek out/get nervous
13:40 - Her first broadcasting moment getting thrown into the fire
17:00 - Who were role model broadcast figures for her
19:35 - Working with high profile women in sports on CBS Sports Network (eg. Lesley Visser, Andrea Kremer etc)
20:30 - What she considered her biggest challenge working her way up at CBSSN
23:00 - On all the roles she had at CBS before moving on to Turner
24:20 - Why she left CBS for Turner
26:50 - Her colleague Kevin Harlan getting to call a game with Olivia Harlan-Dekker on Monday
27:40 - What storyline(s) from the NBA is she most excited about this year
29:40 - Her work with HelpCureHD and helping to fight Huntington's Disease

AA Podcast episode 26- Andrea Kramer
October 08, 2018 02:12 PM PDT
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3:20 - Did she have a vision for what she wanted to do when she started at NFL Films in 1984
7:20 - What she remembers about her first job at a newspaper and how drastically it's changed now
10:40 - On going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and doing it as a mother
17:00 - When she found her voice and confidence as a broadcaster and journalist
19:30 - How she views the conversation of more diversity and more women earning opportunities to call games
23:40 - How she and Hannah Storm were approached about their new opportunity to call Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime Video
26:30 - What she hopes viewers will take away from their broadcast and why they don't want it to be traditional
33:40 - On how television and sports broadcasts is constantly changing and why that's a good thing
36:45 - Looking back at her longtime career, is there one story or one piece in particular she's most proud of?

AA Podcast episode 24- Pablo Torre
September 06, 2018 11:01 AM PDT
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2:40 - Did they know how they wanted High Noon to sound from the very beginning/not explaining the joke
5:00 - How he and Bomani first became friends
7:05 - Pitching the show to themselves
9:20 - Bomani and Le Batard as wedding guests
12:00 - Learning how to do TV without compromising integrity
15:20 - The power of transparency and being interesting without being "hot takey"
18:05 - What he remembers from their first show
18:50 - The backlash from the music playing the whole time
21:40 - Working with esteemed producer Erik Rydholm
24:30 - Our dislike of the word "talent"
25:30 - Is he responsible for "trust the process?"
28:40 - Does he think Sam Hinkie will get to be a GM or Executive ever again?
30:38 - The irony of Hinkie being let go to be replaced by Bryan Colangelo
32:30 - Can analytics eventually become commonplace in football in relation to the other sports?
35:55 - Is the future of football in trouble because of its inability to evolve?
38:40 - Could transparency work in favor of the NFL?

AA Podcast episode 24- Maria Taylor
August 27, 2018 09:37 PM PDT
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On her new deal/going from volleyball & women's basketball to everything she's doing in just four years (2:17)
How she'd love to do something the NBA as part of all the work she's doing (3:44)
How she once considered a career in medicine (5:33)
Her first ever broadcast (6:30)
The Taylor Rowe'd Trip with Holly Rowe (9:48)
The best way to describe SEC Football & SEC Football Culture (12:06)
The study that 45% of CFB fans are female (roughly 74 million fans) (15:43)
What could college football and/or the NCAA fix - welfare of the student athletes / future of athletes being paid (19:08)
Her new opportunity with Get Up (22:25)
How she'll handle giving strong opinions on subjects that she also happens to cover (used Ohio State as an example) (23:52)
Her ultimate goal of being on Good Morning America (25:40)
Who she would take in College Fantasy Football in Week 1 (28:13)

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